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My Survey Voice Your OpinionIn what was arguably my misspent youth I devoted a great deal of my time into finding the best ways to make some money online. Unfortunately for every good company out there you’ll find another many more that are just a trying to rip you off. I know this to be true: I’ve heard about it, read about it and experienced it.

That’s why it is always good to find the gems out there, because they don’t tend to come around too often. My Survey online paid surveys is one such gem. They pay fairly, look after your details and more importantly (in my view) they answer their emails. There is nothing I hate more (with the possible exception of non-paying sites) than trying to get in touch about an important issue and getting no response.

So the technical stuff. My Survey works on a points system and 1,150 points equates to $10.00. That puts each point at around a cent each (I know it’s not exactly a cent, but to save going into fractions of a cent). Typically you are looking at receiving between 100 and 200 cents per survey, so $1-$2. As well as shorter surveys that can pay between 5 and 100 points. 5 points may not be a lot of money, but if you are getting that for answering a simple question that takes seconds to answer then you’re still getting a fairly good rate. You can cash out when you have $10 in your account in the form of PayPal payments and gift certificates.

What sets My Survey apart from other survey sites is their sweepstakes. My Survey runs these monthly, yearly and even daily. Just by being a member you get entered into a $4000 sweepstake. Every day that you log into the site is another entry into the draw. Many surveys will reward you with an entry into the monthly sweepstake in which 10 members every month win 10,000 points ($100). Even more exciting is that just by being a member you get entered into a daily sweepstake that is also for 10,000 points, as well as gaining another entry each time you log in and each time you complete a survey.

What is most important about My Survey though is to be able to be sure that it is not a scam. I hate scams, and I make sure that before I join any site like this that I do my research. My Survey is a legitimate survey company that has been around for a very long time; a quick Goggle search shows a great many people who use or have used the site to take online paid surveys and is happy with it. I can guarantee that you won’t be able to quit your job just from this site, but any survey site that makes a claim like that IS a scam. My Survey does not claim that you’ll get rich, only that you will be able to supplement your income, which is a very fair claim.

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